Will Hatcher

Willonius Hatcher’s journey began with a burning passion for creativity and technology, sparking an insatiable curiosity that would lead him into uncharted territories. Driven by innovation, he quickly became an award-winning Digital Strategist, AI expert, and Comedian, a modern renaissance man unafraid to break boundaries.

On Clubhouse, he took a daring leap, creating the first live serialized audio drama, the critically acclaimed soap opera, ‘The Young and The Thirsty.’ This bold endeavor was more than a creative feat; it marked a groundbreaking frontier in interactive entertainment.

Hatcher’s technological prowess and artistic flair have reached beyond the expected. He’s guided world-renowned brands like Samsung and Google to transformative marketing success, and his vibrant community on Clubhouse, the largest comedy community on the platform with over 250,000 members, stands as a testament to his ability to engage, entertain, and inspire.

His innovations have not only been celebrated on esteemed platforms like CNN and MTV but have also earned him speaker roles at Art Basel, Tedx, EthDenver, SXSW, and MIT Reality Hack. As the visionary founder of Blerd Factory, Hatcher’s disruptive approach continues to reshape conventional strategies, reflecting his commitment to creative excellence and diverse voices.

But what truly sets Hatcher apart is not just his professional acumen. He’s a man guided by the stars, finding joy in stargazing and constant learning. Whether performing stand-up comedy in the Metaverse using virtual reality or watching YouTube videos at double speed to fuel his relentless curiosity, Hatcher’s life is a blend of creativity, technology, and joyous exploration.

A Fellow of prestigious programs and a beacon for diverse voices, Hatcher’s story is one of continual growth, laughter, and unparalleled achievement. His tale paints the portrait of a man ever ready to explore, learn, and create, driven by a deep-seated mission to inspire others through his unique blend of humor and innovation.”

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