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where it is normal for Black and new majority people to be wealthy and well


Preventing people from fully participating in the capital marketplace limits the potential growth of our economy. Unfortunately, this is the position we now find ourselves in with over 98% of asset managers in the U.S. being white men. This overrepresentation of white male asset managers puts our economy at risk because a predominately homogenous group does not meet the needs of an increasingly diverse populace.  We must turn the tide and undo the generations of divestment and discrimination that have particularly excluded Black people, women and those who are indigenous to their lands from fairly and fully participating in the economic marketplace.


Blk Grvty exists to make it normal for people who are Black, Global Indigenous, and Women to be wealthy and well. We conduct research and pilots to produce actionable insights that can be adopted and scaled. We advise institutional leaders on inclusion and community wealth. We facilitate and deploy capital to mobilize the markets so they are inclusive by default. When we achieve systemic inclusion, there will be a paradigm shift for humanity. People will be healthy. Families will thrive. Communities will be strong. The economy will be resilient. The planet will be fertile.


JaNay Queen Nazaire, PhD

Co-Founder | CEO
Vision and Connection

Our Seer and Chief Magnetic Accelerator, JaNay is a transformative advisor and investor who has deployed over $100M in capital. With a passion for equity and liberation, she curates, capitalizes and connects opportunities across public, private, and philanthropic sectors.

Chipo Sachirarwe

Co-Founder | COO
Design and Scale

Our Architect and Chief Mass Integrator, Chipo is a seasoned COO/CFO with 20+ years of experience driving  scale for organizations. Her strategic leadership and CPA expertise enable holistic solutions, revolutionizing financial systems for the benefit of all.


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