Imagine a world where it is normal for Black and new majority people to be wealthy and well


Blk Grvty is a research and advisory firm designed to make it normal for Black and other New Majority people to be wealthy and well. Blk Grvty develops pilots for financial models, products and services that can be adopted in the economic marketplace at scale. We advise public, private and philanthropic leaders to influence how, when and to whom capital flows, aiming to change institutions and systems so that they are inclusive by default. When we achieve systemic inclusion, there will be a paradigm shift for humanity. People will be healthy. Families will thrive. Communities will be strong. The economy will be resilient. The planet will be fertile. 


JaNay Queen Nazaire, PhD

Co-Founder | CEO
Vision and Connection

Our Seer and Chief Magnetic Accelerator, JaNay is a transformative advisor and investor who has deployed over $100M in capital. With a passion for equity and liberation, she curates, capitalizes and connects opportunities across public, private, and philanthropic sectors.

Chipo Sachirarwe

Co-Founder | COO
Design and Scale

Our Architect and Chief Mass Integrator, Chipo is a seasoned COO/CFO with 20+ years of experience driving  scale for organizations. Her strategic leadership and CPA expertise enable holistic solutions, revolutionizing financial systems for the benefit of all.

Justin Suess

Project Manager & Operations

Justin is a seasoned project and operations account manager, with over a decade of experience building programs and marketing strategies to deliver on the financial targets for the organization. He spent many years working in various roles including key account management, sales leadership, building and developing large teams. 



Latresa McLawhorn Ryan

Equitable Capital and Strategy

Our Navigator and Chief Orbital Resonator,  Latresa is a renowned racial wealth strategist who has spearheaded transformative community wealth-building initiatives. Her background as an attorney and strategist uniquely equips her to find solutions that create a continuum of capital to foster abundance.

Terence Craig

Franchise Noir

Terence Craig is a high-impact investor, entrepreneur, and advisor for early-stage companies and venture funds across multiple verticals. He has been involved in several exits and significant positive changes in valuation for the majority of the companies he has invested in both professionally and as an Angel. He has broad experience in all aspects of running, investing, performing due diligence, and advising startup companies with deep expertise in Software, SaaS, AI, Femtech, Digital Health, and Medical Devices. 

As a startup investor and a Limited Partner, Terence strongly believes in the "diversity dividend." He has dedicated himself to building a more welcoming startup ecosystem for women and BIPOC by volunteering to mentor entrepreneurs across the country and via advisory work for organizations like the Investors Of Color, Astia, and Toyota Ventures and invests heavily in teams led by women, BIPOC, or both.

Fun fact: In a galaxy far far away.  Terence was a semi-professional kickboxer.

Jeff Harrold


Jeff Harrold Jeff Harrold brings over 18 years of experience in finance, and technology. He has worked as an investment banker, most recently with Envisage Advisors of Los Angeles California where he advised middle market companies on M&A and capital raising. Prior to Envisage Advisors, Jeff worked at Queensbridge Venture Partners where he focused on investor relations and reviewing potential investments. 

Jeff currently serves as CFO for ARMR, an amazon, and e-commerce agency. He also serves as an advisor and consultant to start-ups and growth phase companies on financing and growth strategies. Jeff started his career at UBS investment bank. He is a graduate of Morehouse College (BA, Economics) and The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (MBA).

Jeff Raderstrong


Jeff is a writer and communications expert with over 10 years of experience leading strategy, brand creation and content development. He has worked on several books and his writing has been published in a variety of outlets, including MSNBC, The Washington Post, Newsweek, and Forbes.

Dawn Batts

Angel Activation

Dawn brings extensive expertise in identifying and addressing gaps in business models and developing funding strategies. And her favorite part about working with clients?  “Hearing the founders’ innovative business concepts and understanding their business models. I love when we can align our client’s key milestones with funding opportunities. And to watch their business scale is priceless.

Will Hatcher

Digital Strategist

Willonius Hatcher's journey began with a burning passion for creativity and technology, sparking an insatiable curiosity that would lead him into uncharted territories. Driven by innovation, he quickly became an award-winning Digital Strategist, AI expert, and Comedian, a modern renaissance man unafraid to break boundaries.

On Clubhouse, he took a daring leap, creating the first live serialized audio drama, the critically acclaimed soap opera, 'The Young and The Thirsty.' This bold endeavor was more than a creative feat; it marked a groundbreaking frontier in interactive entertainment.

Hatcher's technological prowess and artistic flair have reached beyond the expected. He's guided world-renowned brands like Samsung and Google to transformative marketing success, and his vibrant community on Clubhouse, the largest comedy community on the platform with over 250,000 members, stands as a testament to his ability to engage, entertain, and inspire.

His innovations have not only been celebrated on esteemed platforms like CNN and MTV but have also earned him speaker roles at Art Basel, Tedx, EthDenver, SXSW, and MIT Reality Hack. As the visionary founder of Blerd Factory, Hatcher's disruptive approach continues to reshape conventional strategies, reflecting his commitment to creative excellence and diverse voices.

But what truly sets Hatcher apart is not just his professional acumen. He's a man guided by the stars, finding joy in stargazing and constant learning. Whether performing stand-up comedy in the Metaverse using virtual reality or watching YouTube videos at double speed to fuel his relentless curiosity, Hatcher's life is a blend of creativity, technology, and joyous exploration.

A Fellow of prestigious programs and a beacon for diverse voices, Hatcher's story is one of continual growth, laughter, and unparalleled achievement. His tale paints the portrait of a man ever ready to explore, learn, and create, driven by a deep-seated mission to inspire others through his unique blend of humor and innovation."

Nakiso Maodza


With a steadfast drive for innovation and a demonstrated history of game-changing product strategies, Nakiso Maodza stands as an exceptional professional leader who propels companies to the forefront of their industries. Nakiso’s profound impact on client-centric product development and strategic procurements foster PatientNow’s mission and nourishes its valuable partnerships.


With over 20 years of transformative technology strategy under his belt, Mendoza excels in the intersection between technology and business. His previous enterprise-grade initiatives strengthened his sharp sense of blending market dynamics and customer expectations. Spearheading the expansion of PatientNow’s portfolio to become the primary end-to-end practice management solution, Nakiso assembles his team around the principle of data-centric design concepts to unlock retention.


Maodza graduated with a Masters of Professional Studies in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University, and a Bachelor’s degree from Vassar College. As a board member of the Leading Disruptive Innovation Program at Rutgers University and an industry expert speaker, Nakiso seeks to grow PatientNow’s footprint through providing unexpected value to existing customers and eliminating friction in their practice operations. As a customer-focused, hands-on leader, he implemented a customer advisory board along with an early access program to obtain direct client feedback and insight into the product reception.


Residing in the bustling city of New York, Nakiso finds inspiration in capturing moments through photography and pursuing his passion of golf during down time. Beyond the boardroom, we can count on Nakiso to shine in his rendition of The Clash’s London Calling in our future hypothetical office talent show.


Mark Hastings

Melissa Bradley

Patrick McCarthy

Greg Campbell

Qianna Patterson

Philip Gaskin

Kimberly Marshall

Mark Lawrence

Giselle Melo

Ami Becker Aronson

Jody R Weiss

Jim Casselberry

Val Red Horse Mahl

Ushir Shah

Nathalie Molina Niño

Demetric Duckett

Mark Hastings

Melissa Bradley

Patrick McCarthy

Greg Campbell

Tyreek Moore

Isaac Barnes

Val Mosely

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Lorine Pendleton

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