We Are Creating A World: Where it is normal for Black and new majority people to be wealthy and well


When Black people have ultimate control of our minds, bodies, land, products, and culture, there is full participation in the global marketplace and full benefit from the global economy.

BlkGrvty seeks investors who are eager to be in our orbit. Those who believe in our mission and are passionate about disrupting the road to zero wealth should join forces with our team. We are asking for multi-year funding to build our infrastructure and set Black economic growth on the right course.

Black Gravity’s leadership has the expertise to attract massive resources, the power to shift the tides, and the energy to create new stars.

Our Captains

A Force For Wealth & Well-being.

JaNay Queen Nazaire

Chief Magnetic Accelerator

My goal is to fortify global Black power, accelerate closing the wealth gap, and create opportunities for Black people to thrive.

Melissa Bradley

Head Newtonian In Charge

I am working for Black people… full time.

Greg Campbell


The greatest empowerment of self-determination is to support our institutions, support our own leaders, and realize our own dreams.

Chipo Sachirarwe

Chief Mass Integrator

After reading about zero median net worth, I knew I couldn’t leave that kind of legacy for my kids.

Latresa McLawhorn - Ryan

Demetric Duckett

Terence Craig


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