Our Work

Organizations who partner with Black Gravity create measurable impact at greater scale–with less risk.


Research, Ideation & Practice

We create and verify models to stimulate capital markets for the Black and other New Majority communities.  We explore, focus, and apply ideas that make a difference—connecting people and networks to generate a world of abundance. We work with people, institutions and systems in places to test ideas, create proof points and share with the marketplace for adoption.


Institutional Advisors & Network Connectors

Businesses can no longer ignore or silo their impact on the environment and society.  Creating equity in our economy is not incompatible with business  profits. Quite the contrary—they are inextricably interlinked.

We advise public, private and philanthropic leaders to ensure inclusion is built into their business models and practice.

Our thought leadership challenges the finance industry to stretch its behavior and its models of funding the Black and New Majority community.


Capital Deployment & Facilitation

We deploy capital to create financial opportunities and stability for capital entrepreneurs who want to invest in businesses and contribute to a strong and productive economy. 

We facilitate capital opportunities through curated investments and intentional connections that generate financial returns. 

We bring  together the significant social, capital and policy elements necessary to shift how our systems create and sustain wealth and wellbeing for generations to come. 

Three initiatives we are currently developing:

An initiative designed to provide low cost loans and grants to support working capital and personal investment fees for fund managers, ultimately enabling them to get on the field of play,raising competitive capital and investing in promising businesses

A franchise fund in development to support greater franchisee adoption among Black and other New Majority entrepreneurs.

A program to identify and create hundreds of diverse accredited investors.

We are a 501c3.

Your journey
starts today

Those who believe in our mission and are passionate about creating wealth and wellbeing should join forces with our team.

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