Our Work

Wealth is possible and essential for a shared, prosperous future. Funding this future is not charity, but an investment imperative.

Our Work

We are shifting $1 trillion in AUM to managers who are people of color and/or women in these ways:


Research, Ideation & Pilots

Four initiatives we are currently developing:

An initiative designed to provide low cost loans and grants to support working capital and personal investment fees for fund managers, ultimately enabling them to get on the field of play, raising competitive capital and investing in promising businesses.

We think technology, and specifically AI, can unleash and democratize the future, if we lean in, participate, build, own and understand it. By being intentional about how AI and other advanced technologies become the operating system of the future, we can improve our health, education and culture. We are currently running a AI hackathon in partnership with HBCUs, corporations and philanthropic institutions.

A program to identify and create hundreds of diverse accredited investors.

A franchise fund in development to support greater franchisee adoption among Black and other New Majority entrepreneurs.


Advisory Services

We advise public, private and corporate leaders to help them take advantage of the value that comes from funding the Black and New Majority community. We believe we can move $1 trillion in investment a year so all people can be wealthy and well. These investments will better serve the growing New Majority, while also strengthening our economy and improving returns for everyone.

Underway is our work advising leaders in the city of Buffalo to create economic security and community wealth that lasts for generations. We are also convening Builders & Benefactors, a community of investors, founders and ecosystem actors paving the way for billion dollar investments, exits and assets among Black and New Majority people.

Catalytic Partners

A Diverse Economy Needs Diverse Investment Strategies

If you prevent people from fully participating in the economy, we won’t reach our full potential. Unfortunately, that is exactly what we have done. Over 98% of investors are white men. Generations of divestment and discrimination have left out Black and New Majority people.

A rapidly changing economy needs rapidly different solutions. The way we currently fund our economic engine leaves money on the table. We are still investing capital in underserved communities through a scarcity mindset. We think that money that goes to one community means money taken from another. 

Instead, we need to work through abundance. There is more than enough to go around, and we can create more with a different approach to investing. Blk Grvty is identifying and creating that new way of investing.

We are a 501c3.

Your journey
starts today

Those who believe in our mission and are passionate about creating wealth and wellbeing should join forces with our team.

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