Nakiso Maodza

With a steadfast drive for innovation and a demonstrated history of game-changing product strategies, Nakiso Maodza stands as an exceptional professional leader who propels companies to the forefront of their industries. Nakiso’s profound impact on client-centric product development and strategic procurements foster PatientNow’s mission and nourishes its valuable partnerships.

With over 20 years of transformative technology strategy under his belt, Mendoza excels in the intersection between technology and business. His previous enterprise-grade initiatives strengthened his sharp sense of blending market dynamics and customer expectations. Spearheading the expansion of PatientNow’s portfolio to become the primary end-to-end practice management solution, Nakiso assembles his team around the principle of data-centric design concepts to unlock retention.

Maodza graduated with a Masters of Professional Studies in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University, and a Bachelor’s degree from Vassar College. As a board member of the Leading Disruptive Innovation Program at Rutgers University and an industry expert speaker, Nakiso seeks to grow PatientNow’s footprint through providing unexpected value to existing customers and eliminating friction in their practice operations. As a customer-focused, hands-on leader, he implemented a customer advisory board along with an early access program to obtain direct client feedback and insight into the product reception.

Residing in the bustling city of New York, Nakiso finds inspiration in capturing moments through photography and pursuing his passion of golf during down time. Beyond the boardroom, we can count on Nakiso to shine in his rendition of The Clash’s London Calling in our future hypothetical office talent show.

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